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Press Releases

March 2006 - Kenneth Jabote Hair & Skin Company Announces
Relocation of Headquarters from Scottsdale to Fountain Hills, AZ

"I am really excited, said Pamala Jabote, the other owner and VP of Women's Services. "Owning our own hair products allows us the flexibility to operate from a resort location like Fountain Hills or a satellite location in any major city… within a matter of hours."

Click here to download a PDF of the article. (Adobe Acrobat plug-in required)

May 2005
- Great Length's featured in Marie Claire Magazine

"Extension technology is better than ever," Marie Claire quotes Kim Vo, owner of the BV2 Salon in West Hollywood, who uses the Great Lengths system in his salon.

Click here to download a PDF of the article. (Adobe Acrobat plug-in required)

February 2005 - Great Length's featured in Elle Magazine

Women want "princess hair, sea nymph hair." Elle calls Great Lengths extensions "top of the line," "hair extensions favored by such high-maintenance celebs as Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Pfieffer."

Click here to download a PDF of the article. (Adobe Acrobat plug-in required)

Entertainment Weekly Magazine

Great Lengths and the stylists who do them have been in the hot media spotlight, showing up at The Oscars and elsewhere on the head of many a celeb (female and male)! The fashion and industry press, including InStyle, Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly, and Modern Salon has literally gone to 'great lengths' to tell their readers about how Great Lengths has gone positively 'Ultra Sonic' with its exclusive new 'Cold Fusion' technology. Look for hair extension segments featuring Great Lengths on NBC's 'The Today Show' among other broadcast media throughout the country covering down the absolute 'hottest but coldest' news in hair extensions Cold Fusion!

Instyle Magazine

Education-driven editorials, like Modern Salon's how-to article ('Abundant') shot by famous New York photographer Mark Babushkin, showcases the brilliant artistic and technical work of Great Lengths national educators Tricia Ellerbrock and Darren Brokaw. The holiday-dedicated article points out that 'in their hands, extensions add volume to the hair and inject exciting color.'

Marie Claire Magazine

Great Lengths USA President Michael Napolitano recently got the chance at the company's HairWorld exhibit in Las Vegas to personally thank the American Salon editorial group for paying the highest compliment to Great Lengths 'Cold Fusion'. In the magazine's fab 125th Anniversary Issue, the editorial copy read: "By the mid-90's, celebrities fueled the hair extension trend and new technology by Great Lengths called Cold Fusion revolutionized the industry."

Modern Salon Magazine

Be sure to watch the headlines about an even newer exclusive Great Lengths technology about to be announced from Rome, Italy where the Great Lengths world offices, R&D Laboratory and Manufacturing Facility are headquartered and headed up by Great Lengths founder and inventor, David Gold.
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