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Did you know that not all human hair is suitable for hair extensions? We use only the best human hair in the world.

  • 4 standard lengths: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm

    Blond, red, brown and black: over 40 different colors and shades group round these 4 basic hair colors!
    3 types of strands: standard, fine, and extra-fine to match your natural hair.
NOTICE the results of poor quality hair after just eight washings.

Hair extensions must look and feel like your natural hair... and stay manageable, shiny and beautiful when shampooed repeatedly.

We use hair that has never been subjected to harsh dyes or damaging treatments.

Repeated shampooing will not wash away the silicon layer-- which keeps hair soft, shiny, beautiful and manageable-- when using custom, pharmaceutical-grade products by Kenneth Jabote.


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